This weekend's 45th anniversary celebration for fashion designer Valentino was so over-the-top, it made a Long Island bar mitzvah seem tasteful in comparison. The Rome-based festivities boasted a minimum of three parties, dozens of photographers, and, of course, a who's-who of fashion-loving socialites, starlets, and industry old-guards, all of whom underwent multiple costume-changes and hair/makeup modifications. Over the course of the next few hours, we'll be presenting the various looks of the most well-known, Valentino-clad women in attendance, including Anne Hathaway, Elizabeth Hurley & Claire Danes. (Strangely, Valentino BFF Gwyneth Paltrow didn't seem to be in attendance). First up, Sarah Jessica Parker.

Sarah Jessica Parker became known as a fashion plate after her Sex and the City tenure, during which time she was dressed by our favorite gay, flame-haired, fashion bad girl, Patricia Field. But without Ms. Field's guidance, well, Ms. Parker's looks are frequently, uh, not so much, to put it kindly. Case in point: Her Valentino wardrobe for her Valentino weekend. In which she looks like a midget great-grandmother. The rest of the images, after the jump.

Top image: July 7.

July 7


July 7

July 8