Did you guys forget that Sarah Jessica Parker can do more than make weird constipated/thinking faces and stare at the computer screen of an outdated Mac? She's a triple threat, y'alls!

The singing n' dancing wife of weirdly ageless fellow Broadway vet Matthew Broderick will appear on the upcoming season of Glee as a Vogue online editor who meets Chris Colfer and Lea Michele in New York and sings "Come Little Children" to them: from Mr. Big to Mr. Gay and Ms. Loud. Hilarity is sure to ensue, as her character has been described as "frazzled, eccentric and hilarious" by the show's producers. Sounds like Carrie, but hopefully with better puns.


Like I am sure at least one person's mom always says, "There's nothing like an ill-advised romp in Abu Dhabi to put things in perspective."



Madge has released a statement on her website about what it's like to have a concert hall full of Parisians revile you. She blames it on a few lone "thugs:"

Playing the Olympia was a magical moment for me and it was real treat to do this special show for my fans and be so close to them. Unfortunately at the end of the show - after I left the stage - a few thugs who were not my fans rushed the stage and started throwing plastic bottles pretending to be angry fans. The press reports have focused on this and not the joyous aspect of the evening. But nothing can take away or ruin this very special evening for me and my fans. When I looked out in the audience, everyone I saw had a smile on their face. I look forward to having this wonderful experience again.



Olivia Munn has revealed that she suffers from trichitillomania, an anxiety-based impulse control disorder that causes the afflicted to compulsively pull out hair, usually from the head or face. Munn says that she rips out her eyelashes and has to wear fake ones daily. It doesn't hurt, she said, it's just "annoying." [NYDN]


Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Light a candle today for Nadya "Octomom" Suleman, for her relationship with 23-year-old bodybuilder Frankie G has come to an end after three months of glory when she realized he was unable to handle her "fast-paced lifestyle," To be fair, she does wear a lot of hats: adult film actress, stripper, house forclosure-ee, dementor, America's nihilistic mascot, etc., and clearly needs a man who can keep up with her and whatever else will come out of her vagina. No word on what Frankie G's future holds, except maybe finding the rest of his last name. [NYDN]

And although she was able to make enough money stripping to get off welfare, she's still going to lose her house unless you—yes, YOU—give her $150,000. I just imagined this request in Ira Glass's voice and LOLed heartily. [TMZ]


If you haven't already learned more about this than your own extended family, the Kristen Stewart Infidelity Boogaloo may have had something to do with Robert Pattinson's close friendship with Emilie de Ravin, with whom he starred in 2009's Remember Me. They hung out all the time in New York while K-Stew was languishing in Los Angeles by herself and it was apparently a very hard time for everyone. The article then goes on to clarify that it's unlikely that anything happened because R-Patz is "against cheating." But, uh, who's pro-cheating? I don't think that's how cheating works. [Hollywood Life]

And supposedly K-Stew has been sneaking around with Rupert Sanders for over a year. [NYDN]

This is a little teaser commentary clip by the Wachowski siblings for their upcoming movie Cloud Atlas, which also happens to be the first onscreen appearance of Lana Wachowski, formerly Larry, after sex reassignment surgery and a decade of hormone therapy. Cloud Atlas will also be the first film credit that features Lana's name. [Los Angeles Times]


  • Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom put their babymaking plans on hold. [Examiner]
  • Bey and Jay are renting a $400,000 Hamptons manse for the month of August. [Page Six]
  • For two seconds it looked like Sophia Bush was dating Topher Grace but they're just friends and this is all faaaascinating. [Us Weekly]
  • Jada Pinkett Smith in a bikini. [People]
  • Snoop Dogg was banned from Norway for carrying eight grams of weed in his luggage. Norway's loss. [Ace Showbiz]
  • Oh, Tyra, you are looking thin in the face. [Daily Mail]
  • Jessica Biel relaxes by writing poetry. And fucking Justin Timberlake, in case anyone forgot. [Monsters and Critics]
  • Lily Allen bought some racehorses. [Daily Star]
  • Co-star Judy Greer was moved to tears by Chloe Moretz's performance in the Carrie remake. I remain skeptical. [HuffPo]
  • Katie Holmes and Suri and Katie's J.Crew sweater outside Pastis in the Meatpacking District happened. [Daily Mail]
  • Also, Katie had dinner with a dude the other night but he turned out to be her lawyer. [NYDN]
  • Gillian Anderson clarified that she does not identify as "100% gay," and also that she had a girlfriend who died, which is very sad. [NYDN]
  • Don't fucking ask Kevin and Daniellle Jonas when they're gonna have kids, DON'T FUCKING DO IT. [People]
  • Nooooo, Demi Moore is still calling Ashton Kutcher because nobody's around to tell her to rename him in her phone as "Don't Even" and move on. [Herald Sun]
  • There was a stabbing at a recent Tenacious D. concert. Our generation's Altamont? [Las Vegas Review-Journal]
  • Joss Stone turned down an offer to be on The Voice. [Express.co.uk]