Sarah Jessica Parker Squeals In Dismay Over Time Out New York Cover

Remember when we said we wouldn't talk about Sex and the City anymore? Obviously, we were full of shit. (As evidenced by this post and its predecessor.) On Friday night, Sarah Jessica Parker and writer Michael Patrick King appeared on Charlie Rose talking about the myriad magazine covers with the SATC stars' visages slapped on 'em. They were thrilled to pieces about the Vogue cover, delighted about the New York Magazine spread, but they were distinctly displeased about the Time Out New York cover depicting Carrie and the girls with duct tape on their mouths. Michael Patrick points out that no one was putting duct tape over Harrison Ford's mouth when he was doing scads of press for Indiana Jones. "Is it really that Sex and the City should shut up, or that women should shut up?" King wonders. Is the cover really sexist, or are King and Parker just upset about bad press?

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@curiousk: It's just a movie. Just. A. Movie. I liked the show, I liked the movie, I liked the fact that there were four women who weren't 20 years old playing college students who take their clothes off - but it's just a movie. If it wasn't perfect in its politics, if it made you cringe at certain places, if it makes you mad that it wasn't realistic - try to put it back into its frame of reference.

I try to acknowledge the Firestein point, too - eventually, he was able to make Torch Song Trilogy (with Mathew Broderick - full circle SATC reference, natch), which was the first movie I ever saw with a loving gay couple that wasn't played as a joke. So the big opening of SATC will one day produce another movie with women who are in their forties and actually like each other.

I really do believe that the movie was about loyalty to friends. But mostly, I try to remember that it's just a movie, and my husband has never pondered his gender because of Adam Sandler.