Sarah Jessica Parker, proclaimed ugly by every man I have ever known, was, as you all know, recently called downright "unsexy" by Maxim. But that feisty Carrie Bradshaw claims that she just don't give a fuck! Parker says that it doesn't matter if you're pretty or not, because we'll all be ugly eventually: "What they don't know is that one day I'll wake up fat. But I'll still be happy, just like I am now." Aw, how nice. Plus, there's the added bonus of cash! After all, as Parker also mentions, "I consider myself a working woman with a family, who is blessed enough to have the sort of job others would die for. How many women wouldn't want to step into the Manolos that are waiting for me... every morning?" SJP: We try really hard to like you. But we just can't. [Vogue UK]