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Sarah Jessica Parker Not Afraid To Equate Celebrity Endorsement Deals With Rocket Science

Illustration for article titled Sarah Jessica Parker Not Afraid To Equate Celebrity Endorsement Deals With Rocket Science

The thing about Sarah Jessica Parker and her line of ugly clothes is that she seemed so terribly gracious at the Bitten debut that we forgot, for a moment, she was acting that way because she was high on her own PCP-laced amazingness:

What was most satisfying to me on the opening day was to see the preponderance of plus-size women and women of color. That's what made me cry..


Which is why she was "so shocked" at Vera Wang's suggestion that she actually wear the same clothes as fat minorities. But isn't she just so magnanimous!

I understand the culture of her business has changed radically, not unlike my primary business where everybody and his mother, with little or no training, wants to be in acting. There are real interlopers in my industry, as in Vera's.


Now, go back to that sentence, and replace "acting" with "God's work," and you will start to sort of see the point of what she says about her "design" gig:

My fatal flaw is that I have to be involved literally down to splitting the atoms.

Because SJP is not a lady who merely semi-attaches her name to clothes she doesn't design manufactured in sweatshops she'll never see, she's a lady who has done coke to that point where she thinks she deserves a Nobel Prize. Or just a narcissist.

Q&A Sarah Jessica Parker [On The Runway]

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In all fairness to SJP, y'all took her comments WAY out of context in order to make her sound like a major douche. The whole splitting atoms comment refers to the fact that she didn't rush into the project and when she became commited, was involved in every process - from picking the fabrics and colors to determining fit for each item. You can't even say that Kimora Lee Simmons is that involved with her line.

Also, while some people can afford the low-end lines offered at Target which aims to bring fashion to all, those lines are often out of the realm for many people in this country. Items from Mizrahi/Robinson/P&S are often priced at the 15-70 dollar range because they their audience is comprised of the middle class fashion-forward consumer, not individuals who are at the lower end of the economic spectrum.

That SJP decided to embrace S&B's target audiences (families on the lower end of the economic spectrum looking for basic, usually sportswear, apparel) and had to make some design sacrifices (nothing too flashy or ornate) to bring such basic items to the masses, well, I just can't seem how she can be condemned for that. I think the real issue is that people think SJP = high fashion = any line she does is high fashion. In reality, she's just doing the Gap for people hovering around the poverty line.

Also, I think everytime someone bashes SJP, they should also bash Stephon Marbury's Starbury line which attempts to bring cheap (price and aesthetics) basketball sneakers to less fortunate children and adults, also sold at Steve & Barry's. I mean, his reasoning is the same as hers and many of the comments would apply as well.

Wow, this is quite a rant, but fuck it - I've done a lot of research on economic inequality in this country and it always amazes me how people continue to just not get it.