Sarah Jessica Parker Hates Samantha Jones, Jess Seinfeld; Doesn't Mind Streep's Kid

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Ok, so some gays sat next to Sarah Jessica Parker and her gays at a restaurant in New York the other day during lunch time. They learned the following things:

  • SJP does not wear Bitten (her Steve & Barry's line) or Covet (her new fragrance).
  • SJP "never forgive what she [Kim Cattrall] did." Also, everyone on the cast of SaTC hates Cattrall. Also, SJP took KC to lunch in an attempt to make things less awkward between them. It only sorta worked.
  • SJP hates Jessica Seinfeld, even though they, like, both vacation in the Hamptons and shit. SJP thinks Jessica is a social climber. No shit.
  • SJP does not hate Meryl Streep's daughter, actress Mamie Gummer, even though Gummer cornered SJP hubby Matthew Broderick at a party and pulled an "OMG-I-love-Carrie-Bradshaw-SOOOOOO-much!" which both M. Brod and SJP think is like a totally annoying thing to have done to them. But because she's Streep Spawn, it's all good.

The end. You may now go back to contemplating just how monumental the opening of the Sex and the City movie is going to be and how our lives will never be the same afterwards.

WOAH [Sehorn]

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@Lymed: Amen! Carrie as a character and SJP as an actress are two things I could do without, but Samantha was really something to watch. And good on Kim for forcing the producers to play fair by the other actresses.

Kim also earns immortal status for her role in Big Trouble in Little China. True, it's not much of a role, but it's in BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA!!!!