Sarah Jessica Might Design For Halston; Jimmy Choo & Uggs To Combine Worst Of Both Brands

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  • There were rumors that Sarah Jessica Parker would be the face of Halston, the brand people just can't keep themselves from reviving. And she wears Halston in the poster for SATC2. But is she actually seeking a design role? [E!]
  • Ugg and Jimmy Choo. Not two brands one normally thinks of in the same breath. And yet, they are teaming up to bring the world some kind of (we imagine) hideous line of sheepskin high heels that will cost $595-$795! Has the world gone mad? [WWD]
  • For once, we actually believe a celebrity is responsible for the design of the clothing item that bears her name. Paris Hilton's t-shirt for charity — sold through Forever 21 — looks like it was knocked off in about 5 minutes on MS Paint, which seems about right. Even though the charity's for kids, the shirt says, "I LOVE ANIMALS." Covers all bases. [CocoPerez]
  • Today on 39th St and 7th Avenue, by the big needle and button statue, city officials, Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia, Michael Kors, and assorted past contestants, will gather to proclaim today Project Runway Day. And Fashion Avenue will become (temporarily) Project Runway Avenue! [Racked]
  • Tony Blair is said to be in the final stages of negotiating a part-time consultancy deal with Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy, the global luxury conglomerate founded by his longtime friend, Bernard Arnault. Blair already has two consultancies, and the LVMH deal would be worth six figures. [FWD]
  • The Telegraph delves into the history between Blair and Arnault, who has apparently provided internships and/or a rent-free apartment in Paris to three of Blair's children. Blair and his wife, Cherie, have also holidayed on Arnault's yacht. [Telegraph]
  • LVMH had no comment on the reports. Bernard Arnault is, however, co-hosting a charity dinner to kick off Paris couture week on January 25th with none other than his greatest business rival, PPR's François-Henri Pinault. [WWD]
  • The first images are out of Emma Watson's collection for U.K. label People Tree, and it looks fine and cute, in a basic sort of way. The clothes are all made out of organic, fair trade cotton, and sewn for living wages by garment workers in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. "I think young people like me are becoming increasingly aware of the humanitarian issues surrounding fast fashion and want to make good choices but there aren't many options out there," the actress says. [ToL]
  • "Models have a sell-by date," says Heidi Klum. "Duh," say we. [CNN]
  • Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne are to be the new faces of Proactiv Solution, which is apparently the best-selling acne program in the world. For this they will be paid "millions of dollars," says the co-C.E.O. [WWD]
  • Virtually the entire attractive, wholesome, brown-haired Missoni clan was shot by Juergen Teller for the company's spring ads. [WWD]
  • Vogue's new publisher, Susan Plagemann, has apparently told senior staffers that their cabs and private cars will no longer be reimbursed, and instead they should take the subway. Grace Coddington already does this, at least sometimes; we saw her once on an A train. [P6]
  • Magazines lost a quarter of their ad pages in 2009. Among the worst-hit at Condé Nast was W, although all Condé and Hearst titles posted declines. [NYTimes]
  • Rachel Zoe has hired Ashley Avignone, a stylist from Los Angeles, to replace Taylor Jacobsen. This will all be covered in Season 3. [Fashionologie]
  • Eva Green's surprisingly literal response to the question of how being an actress influences her style makes us love her even more: "I probably wear more hats, sunglasses and scarves than anyone else." [ToL]
  • Bloomingdale's is said to be close to opening an outlet chain, similar to competitor Nordstrom's Nordstrom Rack. The company wouldn't comment, but numbers show sales at discount stores have been relatively steady through the recession, and any department store might want a piece of that business. Lord and Taylor opens its first outlet next month in Elizabeth, New Jersey. [WWD]
  • New Yorker Talk of the Town editor Susan Morrison, on the magazine's fashion coverage: "I think one of the reasons these pieces work for us is because a lot of fashion writing is done by fashion writers-people who are insiders, people who have sometimes drunk the Kool-Aid. And they tend to write for a small audience of 100 people just like them. In that situation, there's not that much critical thinking. There aren't that many surprising takes." The magazine this week profiled Kate and Laura Mulleavy, the designers behind the label Rodarte, and the Style Issue drops in March. Previous profile subject Alber Elbaz had this to say: "It is the first time that I had a writer follow me for a few days. Because I'm not a politically correct person, I was afraid of what was going to come out. After a writer spends couple of days with a subject, the interview becomes an X-ray. She showed me and everyone at Lanvin in a very honest way." [FWD]
  • Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland isn't even slated for release until March, but already the product tie-ins are beginning. Stella McCartney has done a line of Alice-in-Wonderland jewelry. And O.P.I. has nail lacquers in shades like "Off With Her Red" ready for the occasion. [Elle UK]
  • The last installment of Dior's interminable web-only Lady Dior ad series, starring some 9/11 truther named Marion Cotillard, was just filmed by David Lynch in Shanghai. [Independent]
  • Speaking of handbags, they're getting smaller, and we're putting both fewer and lighter things in them. The average British woman now carries 1.5 kilograms, or about 3.3 lbs, in her handbag, which is some 57% less than two years ago. Now if only we could do away with the trend towards heavy embellishments — thick layers of brass studs, for example — and see lighter bags... [Daily Mail]
  • J. Crew is expanding its e-commerce, and will start shipping its wares to the U.K. and Canada. [AOL]
  • 60-year-old Tadashi Yanai, the funder of Uniqlo, has been named Japan's richest man for the second year running. His fortune is estimated at $9.2 billion. He made $3.1 billion of that just in the year 2009. In the last quarter, his company reported a 57.2% rise in year-on-year profits. [Forbes]

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Tay-Tay replaced???? NO! Should have a spoiler alert there.

"It is Brad or I. Brad or I."

Hopefully Ashley carries on in her footsteps.