Sarah Haskins Wonders If Loving A Vampire Sucks

Sarah Haskins Wonders If Loving A Vampire Sucks
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"Every woman in America is in love with one man," says Sarah Haskins in the most recent Target: Women . "He's 17, hot, and he just might kill you." She is, of course, talking about Edward Cullen, from Twilight . Haskins braved thousands of teenage girls — and their moms — at a poster signing in Hollywood and tried to figure out why vampires are more awesome than, say, drug dealers. In a related article , Newsweek 's Jennie Yabroff has an idea: It's because Edward (and True Blood 's Bill Compton) are actually super safe , so the virgins attracted to the vamps actually feel comfortable around them. Yabroff argues: "It is not the vampire's passion that is sexy, but his self-control… Sure, he's strong, he can fly and his skin sparkles in sunlight, but more important, he's not going to go and do anything stupid with his 401(k)." Clip above.

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