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Sarah Haskins On Brooke Shields, "The Official Spokesperson For Women"

Illustration for article titled Sarah Haskins On Brooke Shields, The Official Spokesperson For Women

Brooke Shields can "sell us anything," Sarah Haskins swears. Actually, we already noticed this! So. How did Brooke Shields become America's ideal selling machine?


Haskins says it's all about the "Mom-amorphasis."


Tracie's take? That her career has come full circle.

It is curious that Brooke has gone from Pretty Baby to talking about her babies, and that all kinds of companies (teeth whitening! Volkswagen!) think that she is uniquely qualified to reach out to American women. Is there something that makes her seem trustworthy? Likable? Is it because she's been in the business for such a long time? Maybe since we're used to seeing her face, we feel like we know her. She couldn't possibly lie to us — not about eyelash growth!

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I make a habit of keeping embarrassing photos of my friends. So, if Brooke ever sells me wrong on a product I'm having this made into a t-shirt and selling it over the internet. (jokes)