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Sarah Haskins Has Ladyfriends & Movie News

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According to Sarah Haskins, we all need friends with whom we can talk about "the products that make life as a woman so special and fantastic!"


From candles to broth to shoes, ladyfriends are always sharing tips:

In an interview with Mother Jones, Haskins explains her use of the word "lady":

I started using the word "Lady" as a joke, and to point out how some things are very obviously marketed to women and yet they don't mention that. Like cleaning products-it's so rare to see a guy in a cleaning commercial. Everything about the domestic sphere is still primarily aimed at women as if women were still, in every family, absolutely responsible for the care of the home, and working women didn't exist. Other silly efforts to market at women include Sarah Palin. The Republicans so transparently chose her because she was a woman and there was this misguided idea that all the angry Hillary Clinton voters would flock to her.


Sidebar: Back when we interviewed Haskins, she admitted that Amy Poehler was one of her comedy heroes — so it's great news that Poehler (as mentioned in Dirt Bag) will star in Lunch Lady, a flick based on a children's graphic novel series — with a script co-written by Sarah Haskins. Yay!

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Spaceman Bill Leah

I saw them filming one of those ridiculous shopping commercials on Michigan Ave a few weeks back. Waiting in traffic on the bus would have been way funner if it had been Sarah's version.