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Sarah Haskins: Cleaning Is Not A Substitute For Sex

The latest hilarious Target: Women video from Sarah Haskins features cleaning products. Specifically: The way advertisers create a "romance" between women and mops, sponges and Swiffers. "Cleaning products will always be your special friend," Haskins explains, as she shows snippets from commercials in which ladies give tabletops rubdowns and bathtub faucets get handjobs. Oh, and ever notice how all of the women clean while wearing the same "business casual" outfit? Clip above. Target Women: Cleaning [Current]


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katekate is squared

Quick y'all, I need advice: I really need to sweep my floors, but I don't know if I should wear a pair of khakis and a simple button-down with some flats, or if I should go all-out and put on a skirt and heels. HELP!