Sandusky's Autobiography Held Clues, But Investigators Were Slow to Find Them

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You might think that when looking for more information on a man accused of molesting multiple children, investigators would skim through the man's suspiciously-named autobiography, or at least be aware of its existence. Police working on the Jerry Sandusky case spent nearly a year trying to corroborate the first accuser's story before finding a 1998 Penn State campus police report about a boy being forced to shower with the coach. When police tracked down that boy, dubbed "Victim 6" in the grand jury report, his mother asked police if they'd checked out Sandusky's book. While flipping through the pages of Touched with the boy's sister, they were able to identify other boys who'd attended football games together. Consulting the book, which was available in Penn State's book store, helped police identify another four victims.


There are more questions being raised now about why Sandusky wasn't arrested until three years after the first boy contacted the police. The Patriot-News reports that prior to 2011 there was only one investigator working the case, and some have accused Governor Tom Corbett, who was attorney general at the time, of moving slowly on the case so it wouldn't come out until after the election. Two current candidates for attorney general have pledged to investigate how the case was handled if they're elected.

Victim 6's mother says that looking through the book helped jog her daughter's memory. She recalled that once in middle school, students were praising Sandusky and one boy said he "hated his guts" and ran out. Later she asked him, "Did you have to take showers with him, too?" and told him Sandusky had done the same thing to her brother.

Joe Amendola, Sandusky's unbelievably sleazy attorney, has suggested that the boys got together and planned to make false accusations against the coach. Apparently, we're supposed to think that children see standing up and declaring that they were molested as an easy way to earn some extra cash. Victim 6's mother responded:

Amendola's right; they all knew each other. They went to the football games together ... But to think they all got together? No. They went down [to the grand jury] kicking and screaming. They each thought they were the only ones. My son knew them, and he didn't know it happened to them, and they didn't know it happened to my son. It wasn't something they spoke about.

The mother says she can't understand why the investigation took so long because "At one point police told me they've had less evidence in murder cases." As the investigation plodded along, the boys were promised that Sandusky would soon be charged, but the case didn't really start moving until seven more investigators were put on the case early last year. Victim 6's mother added, "This whole thing just stinks so much more than we all know."

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Sorcia MacNasty

Despicable. Victim-blaming at it's finest.

On another note, is there even a quiz involved to become a cop in Pennsylvania these days? Or do you just have to demonstrate the kind of cognitive ability required to solve Popsicle-stick riddles?

The man practically wrote them a field guide on child molestation and they stood around for HOW LONG, just scratching their balls and mumbling?