Sandra Fluke Is Apparently Running for Office

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Well, that was meteoric. Georgetown Law student cum congressional birth control advocate cum scourge of Rush Limbaugh's ad time Sandra Fluke appears to be poised to run for political office — but which one?


Fluke spoke at last night's Women's Campaign Fund reception, saying,

Our sons must grow up seeing women walking the halls of Congress. Because then they will know that if you want to call a woman a name, you have three options: congresswoman, senator, or Ms. President.

The event was also designed to celebrate other women who are running for office, including New York politician Julie Menin and Rep. Nydia Velazquez. Retiring Senator Olympia Snowe was the guest of honor at the event, but, according to Dana Rubinstein at Capital, it Fluke got the biggest applause and excited tittering.

After Fluke got done speaking, Sam Bennett, the president of the Women's Campaign Fund, said, "So, what do you say guys, maybe the youngest-ever elected U.S. senator in American history?"

Sandra Fluke, who is 30, is already too old to be the youngest elected US Senator. That title belongs to John H. Eaton, who was elected to the Senate at age 28.

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Kat Callahan

What if I want to call a woman Admiral or General? Or Chairwoman? Or Leader? Or Speaker? Or Editor-in-Chief?

I can think of lots of "names" to call qualified women besides those three...