Sandra Bullock is such a boundary-busting, unconventional lady that she made Glamour interviewer Anne Fletcher say "vagina" โ€” and then said it herself! Other wild and crazy things it's now okay to do, after the jump.

Not only is it acceptable to drop the v-word (and own a barn! And a bistro! Sandra is really breaking the Hollywood mold by owning stuff), it's okay to wear sunglasses on your head and "consider it a hairstyle." Phew! Other ways to rebel: "have a cookie before noon or a drink before 5 P.M." And paint your nails with OPI's Party in My Cabana pink! Will society be able to handle the oncoming wave of vagina-saying, cookie-eating, pink-taloned rule-breakers? Just in case everything breaks down, we're playing it safe by spending all our time indoors exfoliating our elbows with grapefruits, as per Glamour's "beauty problems" feature. Glamour: always something for everyone.