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Sampling The Shenis, Or How Women Can Pee On Two Feet

The Shenis (yes, sounds like "penis"!) is a hollowed out, 12-inch long fake penis intended for women to use as a tool to pee while standing up. As its creator Kiki Curry states in the video clip above, it's great for hiking, boating, peeing outdoors, and intimidating men! And while we don't like doing physical activities in nature, we'd love to try this out while drunk on the streets of New York. P.S. Kiki Curry is our new fave kook.

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I honestly think that her little aside, "Oh, and one more thing...there's a pissing contest..." was truly an afterthought. It literally JUST occurred to her to mention it. Because there is a screw loose, but in the best possible way.

Love this wackadoo. Love her.