Sammi's Knockdown, Drag-Out Bar Brawl

Typically when she fights, she's beating up her fellow female cast members, but on last night's Jersey Shore Sammi got into it with a group of strangers, which led to a lot of writhing around on a grimy floor in a Seaside Heights club's basement. Unfortunately for the producers of the show, the beginning of the fight wasn't caught on camera (probably because following Sammi around isn't a priority for the film crew unless she's not getting along with Ronnie) but according to her, the brawl broke out after a girl pulled Sammi's hair. Make this mental note: Never yank Sammi's "newly weave" because she was taught to "self defend myself."

Also, can you believe that such a big deal was made over Vinny leaving the house when he was only gone for one episode (which was actually about six days in real life)? It was just long enough for him to get a book deal and become the face of anxiety.


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