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Samantha Parkington, RIP

Illustration for article titled Samantha Parkington, RIP

American Girl announced on Monday that it will be shuttling the Victorian-era Samantha doll off to "the American Girl archives," forever. For those of you who don't remember, Samantha was the turn-of-the-century orphaned rich girl who lived with her grandmother and had all of the best outfits. Samantha's books will still be available (because where would American literature be without the classic tome Samantha Learns A Lesson?) but her doll, including the doll of her servant girl/best friend Nellie, will be taken away to $90 doll heaven sometime in the near future. Intern Margaret suspects that this is a marketing ploy by Mattel since she thinks she remembers them threatening to close the curtains on the Felicity doll not too long ago. Either way, we blame Kit Kittredge. [PopWatch]


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This is one of those few pop culture phenomenons we really missed completely in Canada. Please to explain, fellow commenters.. I see the kids carrying the bags and I don't get it.