Samantha Bee: Test Rape Kits and Vote Out Local Idiots

On Monday evening, Full Frontal’s Samantha Bee turned her attention to the thousands and thousands of little boxes of pristine evidence that police departments across the U.S. have been holding onto for no conceivable reason: rape kits.

“Is there anything worse than putting a woman through a four-hour rape exam and then just stuffing the evidence in a closet?” Bee asked. Of course the answer is yes: it’s worse to straight up throw them out, which too many departments continue to do.

“Most rapists are not college boys who were confused about consent that one time, they’re serial rapists, and testing old rape kits is how you catch them,” she continued. “Testing these kits is actually making your job easier. What more do we need to do, put a toy surprise in there like a cracker jack box?”


Bee also urged people to run against bonehead local politicians like this Idaho sheriff who feels that most rapes aren’t rapes at all. “Remember, local elections are a lot like rape kits. No one really wants to pay attention to them, but if you bother to open them up, you might just get rid of someone who’s been screwing everyone in town.”

Watch the clip above.

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I'm Fart and I'm Smunny

Watching her last night I finally had the feeling like yes we have a late night host who is skewering everyone who deserves it. When she read the feminist rule book and just said fuck it and destroyed her. John Oliver is great and fantastic at his job, but Sam Bee has that anger that we all feel hearing this type of shit and she isn’t trying to suppress to seem more “professional” and I love it so much.