All of the hype surrounding Kate Middleton and Prince William's royal pregnancy has gotten exhausting fairly quickly. It's not surprising of course โ€” the U.S. media are constantly trying to make the royal family happen โ€” but that doesn't make it any less obnoxious. (Didn't we fight a war so that we could be free of boring news like this?) While the constant prodding into Kate Middleton's uterus is a mild annoyance to us, it must be even more irritating to Middleton herself. Here's a woman who's sick and exhausted because she's growing life in her body and nobody will leave her alone, which is why the Daily Show so brilliantly ask, "Does loss of privacy begin at conception?"

Never one to sit back and let a story get away from her, Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee took her investigatory skills a step further and managed to get the scoop by literally getting inside Kate Middleton's uterus. Who would have thought that her womb would be so decadent? I always pictured her anatomy as having a more clean modern feel to it.

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