Samantha Bee and Colbert Report producer Allison Silverman were awesome as per ush on a panel about Political Humor at the New Yorker Festival on Saturday. An audience member asked them a question about whether it is difficult to be a woman in comedy, and Allison responded, "Reading that Christopher Hitchens piece [about how women aren't funny], I didn't get upset at all. It was just an old man yelling at cars from his yard." Later, when asked if she worried that satire made people apathetic about politics, Samantha said she didn't really worry about it. "My potty mouth, my dirty mind, that's what informs me. I only worry about being funny and original." [New Yorker Festival]


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Erin Gloria Ryan

"Chris Hitchens" sounds kind of like "Old Man Withers," a peripheral character in Wayne's World who, during the Scooby Doo ending, is revealed to be running the haunted amusement park. So I have no idea what Mr. Hitchens looks like, but I picture that withered old guy.