Samaire Armstrong, this week's Page Six Magazine cover subject, checked into rehab, and here's what we do know, because we read it in the magazine: it has NOTHING to do with drinking: "I don't really drink anymore, because I don't have time for it. If you're out at night and you wake up tired, your meetings aren't good." Which is why God created cocaine, honey! So anyway, um, follow-up question: is Samaire Armstrong actually famous enough to need rehab? And on a related note, is she famous enough to warrant an angry follow-up editor's letter from Page Six Magazine a la that time the editor of Marie Claire went all nuclear on Ashlee Simpson for being all "love your body self-affirmation blah blah" in an interview the day before she got her entire face reassembled? Or would that, like, be insensitive to the problem she totally doesn't have? [ET]