Salma Hayek Ups the Ante on Her Beauty Line

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Salma Hayek launched her beauty line Nuance Salma Hayek exclusively at CVS three years ago, but this fall it's getting a new boost of energy: print ads for the products will be featured in several fashion magazines.

As Women's Wear Daily reports, Hayek will star in all of the ads:

Two will highlight the brand's bestsellers from the hair- and skin-care categories like its AM/PM Anti-Aging Super Cream and Soy Protein Primer Spray. The remaining two are brand-focused and will include an assortment of products ranging from lipstick to hair oil.


The New York Times reported last year that sales of Nuance, according to CVS, "have been the highest of a proprietary brand in CVS's history." It doesn't seem to be a coincidence that Hayek – who created the products using techniques passed down to her from her grandmother – is pushing more money into her line at a time when Hispanic consumers are increasingly being acknowledged. There's no data indicating that Hayek's line is more popular among Hispanic women than any other group of women, but having a Mexican-American woman design and represent a beauty line is significant enough. And from a documentary series hosted by America Ferrera on Pivot, to media companies like BuzzFeed and Fusion increasing their coverage of issues interesting to a Latino audience, to the fact that Hispanic women have dominated the moviegoing audience this summer, companies are realizing that not only has a market for their product been their all along, its growing too.

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You know, I try my best to keep my consumerist tendencies at a minimum. I try not to be swayed my cheap marketing ploys, and to be aware of how advertising affects my buying habits...

That being said, upon learning that Salma Hayek has a line of beauty products, I immediately thought "Shit! If I use them will I look like Salma Hayek? Sign me up!"