Salma Hayek has been keeping a low profile since giving birth to her daughter, Valentina, and now she's ready to get back to work. The actress will star opposite John C. Reilly in the horror film Cirque du Freak, according to the Variety. Hayek, 41, will play a bearded lady, "Madame Truska" opposite Reilly's vampire character in the film, which is based on the 12-book children's series by writer Darren Shan. (Is a bearded lady a victim? Survey says: No.) In other casting news, actress Olivia Wilde (The O.C., House) may have finally gotten her big film break, signing on to star as Jack Black's love interest in the "biblical-era comedy" The One, directed by Harold Ramis.

Lastly, for those Jezebels who appreciate fine-looking fellows, actor Christian Bale is set to star alongside Johnny Depp in director Michael Mann's Depression-era drama Public Enemies. Bale will play a FBI agent in hot pursuit of Depp's gangster. Think of it as Heat, minus 80 years.

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