Sally Field on Mary Lincoln's Relationship with Her Husband: 'She Was Always Haranguing on Him Like Women Do."

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Sally Field plays opposite Daniel Day Lewis in Lincoln, the enormous movie that's sure to sweep come awards season. The Daily Beast sat down with Field to learn everything about SF/MTL. Let's roll!


So, we've heard that Daniel Day Lewis likes to stay in character on set* but did you know that Field does too? She says, "Daniel is just better at it. I've never tried to bring it out in the open, because I'm afraid people will think you're strange. I'm too cowardly."

Sally Field? Cowardly? I don't buy it!

On the possibility that Mary Lincoln was bipolar, Field says, "Well, they don't really have the kind of research that would illuminate that," and then, "I don't think she was. I see that she had a really difficult time with loss, and certainly the loss of her children." Which, for real. So sad.

On women be shopping:

She'd go on spending sprees.

She bought tons of clothes. She had a gloves fixation.

On women be harassing their husbands:

I don't know. Nobody knows. I know that Mary and Lincoln were extremely close, even though she was always haranguing on him like women do. There was some evidence early on in some letters that she was wishing that they were physically more together. She had a real appetite, sexually. And she needed him home. Certainly in the language of the era, they were much less homophobic. Men spoke of their friendships with men with such open-hearted devotion and love. Lincoln had an early friend, they wrote letters back and forth to each other. There wasn't a problem with people sharing beds, either. There weren't enough beds. When they would be on the lawyer circuit, you'd pick your bed partner. Mr. Lincoln had his favorites because Mr. Lincoln was big. And he wanted the little guys. Who knows what went on in those beds?


*you know that dude doesn't break character until the DVD commentary. In fact, he's probably on some corner in Los Angeles right now trying to emancipate people who are attempting to cross the street.


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One more reason among many for me to loathe Sally Field.