Saks Shoezilla To Take Manhattan

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  • Saks will open a shoe department in its flagship NY store that's so big, it has been given its own zipcode. Somewhere, the ghost of Carrie Bradshaw squeals and says something painfully cutesy. [WWD, sub req'd]]
  • Fashion designer Jill Stuart taps actress Lindsay Lohan to star in her fall ad campaign since she's so "sexy and smart." If by that you mean "kinda slutty and makes bad choices," we totally agree with you, Jill! [WWD, 3rd item]
  • Payless to buy Stride Rite for $800 million in attempt to move upmarket. Because Star Jones as a spokewoman wasn't classy enough? [WSJ]
  • Corporate boheme-th Urban Outfitters (Get it? Kill me) is taking the whole "green" trend literally: For its fourth chain of stores (it also owns the maddeningly-overpriced Anthropologie chain) the company will be selling plants alongside those cute little ballet flats you are totally not sick of yet. [WWD, sub req'd]
  • Under the helm of new CEO Angela Ahrendts, Burberry has started to make inroads in its war on chavs, with sales up 14.4%. [WWD, sub req'd]
  • In the most ingenious Italian pairing since olive oil and gelato, fashion designer Giorgio Armani and directior Martin Scorsese pair up for World Cinema Foundation. [Vogue UK]

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Geoffrey Duncan

Possible explanation: Jill Stuart is allegedly into chicks with flowing auburn hair, and more straightforward bribery attmpts have burned her in the past.…

Incidentally, Beth Blake looks like she could be La Lohan's older sis.