Safe Driver Lindsay Lohan Now Peddling Car Insurance

Lindsay Lohan, the little engine we keep hoping will but never does, is back with another business venture. She's been in a lot of car accidents over the years, so now she's giving back by reminding others to stay safe on the road and wait this comes with a paycheck, right, guys? She's just here for a paycheck.

TMZ reports that Lohan, who is the "Queen of Car Crashes" as if that were some royal title to be proud of is shooting commercials for Esurance, the insurance company that makes it so you don't even have to speak to a live person and they never have to worry about exactly how many cigarettes you've smoked that day to make your voice sound like you're impersonating Harvey Fierstein. (For me it is like 7 seven cigarettes before people stop referring to me as 'miss' on the telephone).


One reason, Lohan might be doing this:

From TMZ:

Lindsay knows plenty about insurance, because she's made a slew of claims. You'll recall back in 2007 she drove up a median and was arrested for DUI. Later that year she was arrested again after a wild ride on PCH where she allegedly took several dudes hostage. She was busted for DUI ... unclear if there was car damage.

In 2010 she hit a baby stroller in West Hollywood.

In 2012 Lindsay hit a car outside a club. And later that year she slammed into an 18 wheeler on PCH, claiming her brakes failed. Still later in 2012 she struck a man outside the Dream hotel in NYC.


Good luck, Lindsay! Still rooting for you! Still against everything your mom and your dad stan for!

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