Sadistic Beauty Queen Kumari Fulbright: Now Also A Bigot

We were not disposed to really liking or caring about Kumari Fulbright, that beauty queen and Arizona law student cum ALLEGED sadistic kidnapper and torturer of her ex-boyfriend. I mean, I don't care how much of a loser he was, or how much jewelry she says he took from her, or whether she was high on meth and PCP or deranged or whatevs, you don't allegedly tie someone to a chair, point guns at him and stick a butcher knife in his ear without being a bad person. Still, you know, we've been reserving judgment. Due process etc. etc. Until now. It's funny how sometimes, all it takes to solidify that sort of judgment in your head about something is a really simple, everyday gesture, like a Facebook reply to a message from a friendly blogger stalker. In this case, the blogger in question was Abovethelaw's David Lat, and Kumari's answer is just the sort of thing you'd expect from...someone utterly devoid of a conscience. (And also: a brain.)


Charming, right? And yeah, I realize it's not necessarily her replying to that response. But doesn't it seem like something someone with an oversupply of self-esteem combined with a total dearth of morals and a basic grasp of the penal code would write?

Kumari Fulbright Gets Saucy With Us! [Above the Law]
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