Sad Dancing with the Stars Diaries: Is Everyone Aware Ginger Zee Has a Husband?

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Sad Dancing With the Stars Diaries is a series in which we imagine the innermost feelings of Dancing With the Stars contestants, as written in their “journals.”

Party people (party diary), time for fun ‘cus Ben Aaron is in the house!

Diary, even though you’re my diary (and you’re super great, for sure), you might know me better as Good Morning America’s Chief Meteorologist Ginger Zee’s outrageous, hysterical, handsome husband.


Things have been hard with Ging’s career really taking off, especially because I have to take care of the baby and, I guess I’d say my career as a television personality has been put on hold—I mean I hate that word because nothing’s ever “on hold” if you’re really experiencing every moment fully. Anyway, I forced Ging (through withholding my famous back rubs) to promise to get me cameos on the show as much as possible.

On Monday night, it finally came true.

The bit, aw man, diary it was hilarious. It was partner switch-up week and Ginger was taken away from the, uh, extremely handsome Val Chmerkovskiy and re-matched with the also handsome, very straight Mark Ballas. And they were doing the cha cha. No way was I, Ging’s devoted husband, gonna allow this sexy time to go unchecked. Sure they were working and it’s antiquated and misogynistic to assume that my professional wife needs a sex monitor, but the bit, diary, the BIT.

So, I barged into the rehearsal room lookin’ like a real gangly version of Catfish’s Nev, and shouted hilarious things like, “There’s a lot of shimmying going on,” and “Oh no, that’s third base.”

Basically it reminded America that Ging’s heart is not for sale, and I think it may have rejuvenated my television career.

No one got kicked off the show last night, but I definitely got kicked on.

Stay real,

Ben Aaron

Image via DWTS YouTube.

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I strangely liked Ginger’s husband. Mostly because it’s plain to see that those two are just two huge, cute dorks that are meant for each other.

Besides that, I spent most of the night cringing. I know Len has always been known for being the crotchety old stickler of the judges, but I feel like he has just been more & more miserable with every passing episode. It's kind of good they had Maks on so he could be a grumpy old man with someone, but also uncomfortable because I felt like it was going to come to blows at some points.