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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

Sacha Baron Cohen Crashes "Prada" Fashion Show

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
  • Sacha Baron Cohen's fashionisto alter ego, the fey Austrian Bruno, stormed the catwalk in layers of schmatte during Agatha Ruiz de la Prada's runway show, setting off a security panic. Ultimately they had to call the police; all this will obvs end up in the upcoming Bruno movie. [Perez Hilton]
  • Responding to the extreme shortage of celeb fashion lines, Rihanna confirms that she's launching one: “I can’t say when it will be released, but it’s definitely going to happen.” [WWD]
  • Naomi Campbell loses her shit at D&G. [WWD]
  • Model Lily Cole gives us conservation advice in the intro to eco tome Green is the New Black: “I would encourage sewing together your own stuff, and keeping that stuff even as it falls apart (a good look, I really believe). I would also encourage a change in attitude… what’s a good sweater without a hole?... Please remember, or at least consider, that holes are beautiful, too!” [Nylon]
  • The words "complete creative control" should give Adidas pause; they've given it to Jeremy Scott for his new line. [WWD]
  • Responding to the needs of a rapidly aging population, Japanese adult diaper designers hold a "fashion show." [CBS]
  • Tommy Hilfiger and Peggy Noonan apparently didn't really hit it off. [BlackBook]
  • Apparently, in addition to being hideous and ludicrous, the Comme des Garcons for for H&M line is really expensive. [Fashionista]
  • With usually dependable Russian and Asian buyers in abeyance, Milan's designers are in a panic. [FT]
  • Well, some of them. "In the current climate, at the end of a long week, there's something reassuring about designers who are unashamedly getting on with business as usual. Credit crunch? What credit crunch?" [ElleUK]
  • At least Cavalli takes the pulse of the times: "In possibly the most inexplicable collection so far, transparent pastel Wedgwood print chiffon milkmaid dresses were followed by Marie Antoinette peony-posied minis complete with thigh-grazing bustle, which were followed by black Studio 54 jersey slithers, which were followed by neon yellow and chartreuse graphic balloon dresses, which were followed by see-through long white lace governess dresses with little black bows at the neck and pigeon-tail lace tiers at the back, which were followed by marabou-trimmed gold scripted chiffon pyjamas." [FT]
  • With peeps cutting back on dry-cleaning, wash and wear fashion is big business. [Reuters]
  • In a triumph of frugality, people drop a bundle at Hermes sample sale. [NY Times]
  • Balenciaga's casting male models, which means either menswear or drag, and can we just say we're over drag? Can these designers at least pretend they're designing for women's bodies?! [Fashionista]
  • Re-usable shopping bags aren't really all that green. Wah-wah. [WSJ]
  • Typically generous British journalism: "The encouraging truth is that Twiggy does not look nearly as young in the flesh as she does in most of the photographs in her new book about how to look fabulous over 40. She has, I am heartened to observe when we meet in a London hotel, a slight tummy, jowly bits and a light craquelure of wrinkles." [Telegraph]
  • The much-reviled lifestyle guru Gwyneth Paltrow's new Tod's commercial: "The full length commercial, which was modeled after "La Dolce Vita" and featured Gwynnie being chased by papparazzi, losing her bag and having it returned to her by a charming reporter...There were lots of close-ups of the bag, of course. Loving, glorious close-ups." [Washington Post]
  • Rebellious Belgian designers want to be business iconoclasts, too. [WSJ]
  • The unrest at Pucci as loud as its patterns! [NY Mag]
  • Manolo Blahnik turns on the heel! "It's much more difficult to be beautiful and walk femininely in flats...Bardot in France did it and Audrey Hepburn in America. They looked fantastic and walked like tigers, beautiful and graceful, but you can walk like a beach bum in them - then they don't look so good." [VogueUK]
  • Why don't we get awesome free stuff with American fashion mags? [Fashionista]
  • Michael Kors opens first Euro boutique. [Fashion Week Daily]