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Rye Ripoff Ruled "Problematic"

Illustration for article titled emRye/em Ripoff Ruled Problematic

Judge Deborah Batts has ruled to place a temporary hold on the publication of novelist "J.D. California's" novel, 60 Years Later: Coming Through The Rye, which billed itself as "a marvelous sequel to one of our most beloved classics." [NYPost]


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He couldn't wait a few years until Salinger passed away? Also, there are many good stories that stem from classical novels that offer tribute to the original story and style. "Grendel" is a spin off from "Beowulf", "Mary Reilly" is a spin off from "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", "Sargasso Sea" is a spin off from "Jane Eyre" (I believe), "Foe" is a spin off from "Robison Crusoe", "Mr. Dalloway" from, obviously, "Mrs. Dallowway", etc. etc. etc. Of course, the authors were all basically wise enough to wait until the author their offering tribute to is, well, dead.