Ryan Phillippe's Secret Shame

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Dear Ryan Phillippe,

When we first came across this picture of you over the weekend, we were curious, but not exactly moved. You looked little down, to be sure, but what was there to say? You're a baby-faced B-list actor who got kicked to the curb by your A-list wife. You're sucking it up. Good for you.


Now we're hearing, however, that you've been hooking up with Lindsay Lohan. And all of a sudden, the long face — and the can of Red Bull in the front console of your car! — make a lot more sense. This isn't about your divorce. Or that Reese has traded up in a big way with Jake Gyllenhaal (who, we might add, is way too good for her! Jake! Call us!). This is about shame. Desperation. Other mens' slutty sloppy seconds. But you've made your bed, Ryan, so now it's time to lie in it. Just make sure you use protection; that girl gets around.

Lohan Gets Lucky With Ryan Phillippe [PopSugar]

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