Ryan Lochte's Sister Is a Raging Racist Douchebag

This is sexy douchebag Ryan Lochte's sister, Megan Lochte, in a 2008 appearance on a Maryland late night comedy talk show called Closing Time, hosted by Baltimore-based comedian Mickey Cucchiella. Enjoy.


In this four and a half minute clip — shot after the Olympic Games in Beijing — Cucchiella says to Megan, "Let's talk about China. How long were you there?" Megan replies:

We were there for over a week. China was chinked out.

She then proceeds to use the word "chink" five more times, describing China as:

Chinks, everywhere.

Cucchiella suggests Megan not use the word "chink," and Megan argues:

But it, like, fits them, because they're like, chinks!

In what seems to be a feeble and horrifically offensive attempt at comedy, Megan also says that Chinese people "drive like ninjas." When Cucchiella points out that ninjas are Japanese, Megan says:

They're whatever we want, they're Asian.

As if things could not get worse, the sister of gold medal winner Ryan Lochte describes the Great Wall thusly:

The Great Wall is misnamed. [It should be called] like, fucking huge OCD fence.

She also says "I don't know about the commies over there."

FYI, Megan's Facebook page claims that she attended the University of Maryland Baltimore County, where she studied "Multicultural Marketing."

Her family, her school and her professors must be so proud.

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I think we should get a Kickstarter going to send this woman on a round-the-world correspondent's trip. I can't wait to hear what she thinks of dagos, micks, bohunks, chugs, frogs, huns, japs, kikes and taffs!