Ryan Lochte’s Stupid Catch Phrase Is Already Someone Else’s Stupid Catch Phrase

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Aquatic human torso Ryan Lochte is known, among other things, for says, "Jeah!" which is the affirmative "yeah" only with a "j" instead of a "y" because that's how cool people reinvent language, one letter at a time. It turns out, though, that as uncreative as "jeah" seems to be, Lochte didn't even come up with the word — 90s rapper MC Eiht did, along with pretty much everyone else who's ever gotten super drunk at one bar and agreed with a friend's suggestion to go to another bar.


Eiht is mad at Lochte for trying to trademark something "his ass didn't even create," and though Eiht probably doesn't mean that Ryan Lochte's perfectly-sculpted ass dreamed up "jeah" all on its own, he will soon be sending that ass a cease and desist letter urging Lochte to stop substituting a "y" for a "j" before "eah." And before bemoan the frivolity of all this trademark wrangling, consider that there are probably several erudite semioticians arguing about the very same thing as we speak. [TMZ]

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Shia LaBeouf has sex on camera and he is an edgy character actor. Chloë Sevigny gives a blow job on camera for an art movie and she's a sluttyslutslut...