Ryan Lochte Is a Really Good Actor, You Guys

US Swimmer Ryan Lochte has made no secret of his plans to Kardashian/Krusty the Klown-level whore himself out now that the Olympics are over. He's expressed interest in everything from The Bachelor to Dancing With the Stars, and yesterday he took a break from his busy schedule filming his guest appearance on 90210 to talk about his newly discovered love of the craft of acting. Really important knowledge about to be conveyed, people!


When asked about the challenges of his new profession, Lochte said,

I think the whole thing, memorizing lines, and, tryna like, say 'em, and still, like, do movement, all that. That was hard.


Totally, Ryan. Doing movement is hard.

The bare chested Lochte, resplendent with mental vacancy, followed that up by remarking that his costars were cute, but that he likes to get to know someone before he does anything with them. I THINK HE MEANS DOING SEX!!!!!

Even after he unleashed that lazy string of barely sentences, the female Access Hollywood correspondant interviewing him was reduced to a tittering, blushing mess, as were the two female anchors of the show, each giggling as they fidgeted with the knowledge that they would still probably like to slide down Ryan Lochte's abs on a toboggan of shame.

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Dodai Stewart

Apolo Ohno was laughing so hard he lost his shit.