Ryan Gosling Spends New Year's Eve With Eva Mendes, Ruins Our Hopes Of Marrying Him In 2012

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We're not even one day into the new year and already dreams are being crushed: Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes spent last night partying in New York together. They flew in from LA on Friday and tried to stay low-profile by boarding the flight at separate times, but, yeah, like that's going to make any difference. And now there is photographic evidence that they left their hotel to go to a party together last night. In one shot, Ryan is holding a backpack in front of his face. So, maybe to help ourselves feel better let's make the wild assumption that he didn't want to be photographed because he and Eva had just had a terrible fight and were over for good? Oops, never mind, there's also a shot of them stealing a kiss on the street. Yep, it seems like they're for real. For some of us, this is going to be a rough year... [Just Jared]

  • It may be a holiday, but speculation over what drove Katy Perry and Russell Brand apart continues at a fast and furious pace! TMZ posits that they split because they didn't have enough in common and were constantly bickering. Katy's partying supposedly got to Russell, who's sober, and that would lead them to fight. But they say the couple remains friendly and no one cheated, and it didn't work out simply because, "It was just a bad pairing."

    On the more sensational side of the spectrum, the ever-reliable Daily Mail is quoting some probably fictional people who swear that Russell left Katy because she wasn't ready to give up her career and have children. Says one "person,"

    I don't think Katy really understood what marriage was about. I don't think she was prepared to give up her career. This wasn't one of those occasions when Russell was mucking about, he wanted to settle down and have a family. I don't think that's what Katy wants. I think she's very confused.

    Well, even if you try to spin that in the most tabloidy way possible, it's still not very shocking. Basically it all seems to boil down to this: they wanted different things. At least they're being civil and friendly and considerate about the whole thing. So far, anyway. Also, randomly, Russell Brand left his hotel in London yesterday with a woman that the Daily Mail says is Florence Welch. (Though is that really her?) Let the rumors begin in three…two…one! [TMZ, Daily Mail]

    During a performance at last night's New Year's Rockin' Eve insanity, Cee-Lo Green performed John Lennon's "Imagine." But he changed one little thing: instead of singing the line, "Nothing to kill or die for, And no religion too," he sang, "Nothing to kill or die for, And all religion's true." That did not sit well with John Lennon fans who apparently tweeted angry things at Cee-Lo. He tweeted back, "Yo I meant no disrespect by changing the lyric guys! I was trying to say a world were u could believe what u wanted that's all." Of course, technically, all religions can't be true at once, but this is the same guy who got famous for singing a song called "Fuck You." So we probably shouldn't overthink this. [HuffPo]

    Well, here's something to look forward to for the new year: Media monster mogul Rupert Murdoch has joined Twitter! So far (if it's really him) he tweets like a grandfather who can't quite figure this whole newfangled technology out. You should probably follow him now because it is only a matter of time before people begin relentlessly hacking his account and using it to post hilarious stuff. [Digital Spy]

    Helena Bonham Carter is on Queen Elizabeth's New Year Honors list, which recognizes "outstanding achievement and service." For making the list, Bonham Carter, who portrayed Elizabeth's mother in The King's Speech, has been made a CBE (Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire!). That's a fancy honor, but not quite as fancy as when the Queen knights people. [Hollywood Reporter]

    We're just catching our breath after all the Christmas celebrity engagements, and now word of New Year's Eve engagements are already coming in. First up, LeBron James proposed to Savannah Brinson (His high school sweatheart! Cute!) last night, and she said yes. [Just Jared]

    Speaking of basketball, Kobe Bryant's soon-to-be-ex-wife Vanessa reportedly spent last night partying in Vegas with a bunch of girlfriends. [TMZ]

    First depressing reality star tidbit of 2012: Teen Mom star Amber Portwood spent last night in a jail where celebrating New Year's Eve wasn't allowed. [TMZ]

    A little good news on Etta James's health: she's still in the hospital but has been taken off of a respirator and is breathing on her own. The singer, who has leukemia, is stable, and they're soon going to move her out of the ICU and into a regular room. [Reuters]

    Grey's Anatomy star Eric Dane and his wife Rebecca Gayheart have a new baby girl. Her name is Georgia Geraldine Dane, and she's the couple's second daughter. [E! Online]

    Mayim Bialik has written a parenting book. It's called Beyond the Sling, and it's all about attachment parenting, which includes things like "extended breastfeeding and co-sleeping." I'm sure it's very good, but who would have ever thought we'd be taking parenting advice from Blossom when we grew up?! [ONTD]

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"No religions too" vs "All religions true"

I'm a huge Lennon fan, and I like both ideas to a point. I mean unfortunately we'll never live in a world without some form of religion because many people need to believe in something. It's just how they're made up. They want and need faith in something to feel like they have a purpose in the world or something that comforts them about the mysteries of the unknown like death, the future, etc.

On the other hand a world where all religions are true just means people will have to respect each other's religions, because then they'd know their individual gods exist, so there's less of my god is the one true/only god. Although I'm sure there would still be some assholes out there trying to fight and say their gods are better than other's gods, but if these gods are true, you'd hope that they'd be protecting their people from these assholes. I'd pay to see Zeus throwing a lightning bolt at some asshole.

For me Lennon was more anti-religion because of the problems it caused, not because he was against the idea of a god existing. Maybe I'm wrong about that, but I don't think he'd be so upset, because what Cee-Lo's saying still idealizes individual rights rather than condemns them as the religions tend to do.

But then, I'm an atheist and not exactly a musical purist, so what do I know.