There is no way that Ryan Gosling is a real human being. He's got to be some kind of artsy superhero, because he seems to be just wandering the streets looking for people in need. First, he broke up that street fight last summer. And today he outdid himself: He saved a lady in Manhattan from being hit by a taxi. Seriously. A British woman named Laurie Penny tweeted this a little while ago:


Ahhh! She then explained a bit more about how she ended up in traffic:

And then she added this precious detail, "He did not say 'hey, girl.' He said 'hey, watch out!'" Oh my God. Did anyone else just get weak in the knees? Someone who saw it happen tacitly confirmed his identity with the words, "You lucky bitch." Lucky, indeed. But at least she was kind enough to share her run-in with the world. Now, we can all feel more secure in walking aimlessly into traffic because we know that sweet Ryan Gosling and his well-defined biceps will step in to save us at the last minute.

Breaking: Ryan Gosling Saves British Woman From Taxi Collision on 6th Ave [Observer]

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