Ryan Gosing's new movie Lars and the Real Girl is about a man's relationship with a Real Doll (those crazily realistic sex dolls). We know how Ryan is a method actor, so we've been dying to know if he actually fucked the doll in real life. We're starting to think the answer is yes, considering that now we know that the director, cast and crew all treated the doll on set as though she were a real actress. Ryan even said, "She's not a blow-up doll. Bianca has beautiful freckles, she has amazing eyes." Sigh. We wish we were that doll. [Breitbart]


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My friend Nick Rucka did a short documentary on a fellow who repairs realdolls (I admit, I'm somewhat uncomfortable with the notion of second hand sex toys!) which can be found on IFC:


Of course, where I work we have lots of other crazy sex robots...