Rwandan Women's Perspectives On Their Children, Their Rapes

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Photographer Jonathan Torgovnik's new book and exhibition, Intended Consequences: Rwandan Children Born of Rape, is a series of amazing portraits and interviews with the survivors and children of the genocide. [Jonathan Torgovnik, Aperture, Andrew Sullivan]

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Yeah this is really fucked up. It's basically a tribal war, and the rapes are intended to obliterate out the opposing tribe's "bloodlines" and "replace" them with their own (witness Hutsi and Tsutsi). What's even more heartbreaking, to the rest of the world, THERE IS NO huge discernible diff. bet. "tribes" in these areas. Much like the Serb/Croat wars, these differences are weird hold overs from before the time of easy traveling, when people actually formed hatreds against their neighbors due to lack of contact and old grudges. What I do have hope for, in this new world, is a witness to the pettiness and cruelty of these feuds, most of which were started by men, and not the women and children.