Ruth Madoff "Breaks Her Silence"

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Following her husband's sentencing to 150 years in prison today, Ruth Madoff is sending her condolences to his victims.


Here's her statement, as run by Wall Street Journal:

I am breaking my silence now, because my reluctance to speak has been interpreted as indifference or lack of sympathy for the victims of my husband Bernie's crime, which is exactly the opposite of the truth.

From the moment I learned from my husband that he had committed an enormous fraud, I have had two thoughts — first, that so many people who trusted him would be ruined financially and emotionally, and second, that my life with the man I have known for over 50 years was over. Many of my husband's investors were my close friends and family. And in the days since December, I have read, with immense pain, the wrenching stories of people whose life savings have evaporated because of his crime.

My husband was the one we (and I include myself) respected and trusted with our lives and our livelihoods, often for many, many years, and who was respected in the securities industry as well. Then there is the other man who stunned us all with his confession and is responsible for this terrible situation in which so many now find themselves.

Lives have been upended and futures have been taken away. All those touched by this fraud feel betrayed; disbelieving the nightmare they woke to. I am embarrassed and ashamed. Like everyone else, I feel betrayed and confused. The man who committed this horrible fraud is not the man whom I have known for all these years.

In the end, to say that I feel devastated for the many whom my husband has destroyed is truly inadequate. Nothing I can say seems sufficient regarding the daily suffering that all those innocent people are enduring because of my husband. But if it matters to them at all, please know that not a day goes by when I don't ache over the stories that I have heard and read.

Well, thanks. One could ask how she could work as Bernie's partner and retain her total ignorance, why she's stuck with him to the exclusion of a relationship with her sons, why she withdrew a cache of money days before her husband's arrest, why, if she's so cognizant of all these devastated lives she's clung tooth and nail to those ill-gotten gains that weren't seized, and why she was caught trying to secretly sell antique jewelry purchased with said gains. But this is a hard day for her, and there's genuinely no satisfaction to be found in any aspect of this situation. So we'll just let her words speak for themselves. "Nothing I can say seems sufficient regarding the daily suffering that all those innocent people are enduring because of my husband." That, at least, is undeniable.

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Erin Gloria Ryan

It would have been much more entertaining if Carrie Prejean had written that apology note.

"U totally gave me the money and now U DENY ME MY RIGHTS TO DO WITH IT WHAT I WANT!? I am not just ur TOY that u get to PLAY WITH how you want. I have RIGHTS and I have my own life!!!!!!!! I want another fur coat. I am doing this."