In sad news straight out of a particularly dark Gogol tale, Sergey Ovchinnikov, the Russian women's volleyball squad head coach, has reportedly committed suicide because his team failed to shine at the London Olympics.

"This is so stupid," former Russian coach Vladimir Kuzyutkin told RSN (via RT). "He was my friend, my colleague. No one said a bad word about him. Yes, there was a blunder at the Olympics, well, to hell with it. I don't know why he couldn't cope with it."

The Russian women's volleyball squad was expected to perform well in the London Games, but ended up losing to Brazil in the quarterfinals. It was largely thanks to Ovchinnikov that the team got first spot in the world qualifiers and snagged a place at the London games in the first place.

Others also said that Ovchinnikov did not take the loss well. "He took the Olympics very personally," said Vladimir Aleknohe, the head coach of the men's volleyball team. "I saw what he was going through and how upset he was after the defeat. He didn't talk much. Even after victories he was always thinking about something and smoked a lot."

How Russian of him. And how sad.

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