Russian Officials Ruin Everyone’s Fun By Cancelling Sex Doll Rafting Race

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An annual inflatable sex doll race across the Vuoksa River in the Leningrad region's Priozersky district has been cancelled, according to The Moscow Times, ostensibly because the Vuoksa's water level is dangerously high right now. However, organizers for the Bubble Baba Challenge — which was set to celebrate its 10th year of nautical sex doll sports on Aug. 25 — say that they'd taken extra safety precautions for the rising river, including letting only those 16 and older participate and planning out safe alternate routes.

Bubble Baba organizers think that authorities in the Leningrad region withheld permission for the race as part of a larger national effort to restrict large gatherings of people, especially in the wake of recent protests against Vladimir Putin's rule. Apparently, quite a few people are going to mourn this year's cancelled race — last year's Bubble Baba (which sounds, let's be honest, like a kind of off-brand, unfortunately licorice-flavored bubble gum) drew 543 contenders between the ages of 15 and 59, some from as far afield as France and Finland. And before you even start trying to imagine what an armada of sex-doll rafters looks like in action:

Officials Ban River Race With Sex Dolls [The Moscow Times]

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In Communist Russia, the sex doll fucks you!