Russia Denies Gays Equal Rights • German Man Beheads Hitler

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• A lesbian couple in Russia have been officially denied the right to marry. The fight for same-sex marriage is relatively new to the country, and has been met with intense opposition. •


• A court in Germany has fined a man for beheading Hitler. Minutes after the Madame Tussauds museum opened, the 42-year-old man ran in and grabbed the head off a wax Adolf statue, claiming that it is inappropriate to include an image of the Nazi leader so close to the Holocaust memorial. • Spain has announced plans to make the emergency contraceptive pill available over the counter. There is also a movement in Spain to loosen the strict abortion laws, which only allow abortions in cases of rape, or when the mothers health is seriously at risk. • A small team of students at the College of Textiles in New Jersey are currently working on an update for the standard hospital gown. • Researchers have found that mothers who experience a traumatic experience prior to becoming pregnant may still pass certain behaviors (stemming from the trauma) onto her offspring. • A recent study indicates that women across America are forgoing their annual recommended mammograms. • Good news: a new study shows that there are now more women in corporate boardrooms than ever before. • Horrible news: An Argentinian man has been charged with incest and the rape of his daughter. Armando Lucero allegedly had seven children with his daughter, who he began abusing at age eight. Naturally, Lucero's case has been compared to that of Josef Fritzl. • In the African country of Mauritania, rape is defined as "domestic violence," regardless of whether the rapist was a stranger or an acquaintance. Furthermore, rape is not generally prosecuted as a crime, and under current laws, the only illegal part of rape is the sex-without-marriage thing. • Scientists have found that smoking may enhance the activity of a gene that aids in breaking down body fat. • A 15-year-old Australian girl named Jessica Watson hopes to become the youngest sailor to make it all the way around the world. Her solo trip will begin next week, right after her 16th birthday. • A new survey found that 3 out of 4 domestic violence shelters have reported an increase in women seeking aid in the past few months. Sue Else, president of the National Network to End Domestic Violence, believes that this may be due, at least in part, to the recession. • This London sexual health clinic is a far cry from the local Planned Parenthood I visit. Pap smears in style. • A California woman has been accused of making over $8.5 million in an online prostitution ring. The website claimed to offer dates with porn stars and fashion models. • French kissing (or "tongue kissing," as we called it in grade school) increases the risk of contracting oral HPV, study says. •



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