Why is Rupert Murdoch's wife Wendi Deng so fascinating? I guess it's that she's sort of like Spencer Pratt, only if Heidi Montag were the most powerful person in media and also, eightysomething. (Related: you know how the oldest age you ever seem to see on MySpace is 83? Has that changed since Murdoch bought it? Does he have a MySpace page?) Anyway, here's the elusive Wendi Deng Murdoch, the dark force of all media, cornered by the New York Observer:

What of the Chinese government's well-documented brutality in Tibet? "I don't think anyone got killed there!" Ms. Murdoch asserted. "I haven't been there recently, but today, everybody in Tibet have mobile phones and the ability to send a message."


Well shit, that's just a lie. I mean, you can sort of get away with saying no one got killed there, because it's not like the Chinese government has put out any press releases saying, "Nine monks were killed when the People's Liberation Army bombed that temple yesterday" or "Today the Spanish high court opened an inquiry into whether that guy behind the Tiananmen square massacre also killed enough Tibetans for it to be considered 'genocide'," but that thing about cell phones is a known fact. Only about 10% of Tibetans have mobile phones, silly! That's why investing in China is such a great opportunity for all the companies that advertise stuff.

Wendi Murdoch Speaks! [NY Observer]

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