Rupert Grint Adds 'Sultry Music Video Star' To Resume

Rupert Grint did his buddy Ed Sheeran the biggest kind of favor your celebrity pal could do by starring in the singer's latest music video. Watching it feels a little odd, as the voice Grint is lip-syncing to sounds like it couldn't possibly be his voice (which, you know, it's not), and the song itself feels strange because we haven't heard this kind of bubble gum pop ballad since 1997. And the fact that we're watching a good-looking and all-grown-up Grint is diminished by the silly lyrics, such as "I'm gonna paint you by number and color you in, if things go right I'll frame it and put you on a wall." Deep, man. Of course, I think they're going for weird humor here. It works. Also, the stalker-ish vibe should help Grint break away from any Weasley-esque typecasting.

For those more curious about how this video came to be, there's a making of video online, too.

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Aw, that's a cute video. Grint has some genuine comedic talent. I've always liked his acting best, out of the Trio.