Seeing someone cry about a blog post written about them hurts my heart really badly. I'm not being facetious. On last night's episode of The Rachel Zoe Project, Rachel went to fashion week in NYC and was featured on a number of blogs that covered the shows, since she's a prominent front row figure at such events. One of the blog posts, from New York magazine, brought Rachel to tears, even though I've seen far worse stuff written about her (including content and comments on this site). No amount of "You need to have a thicker skin" or "They're just jealous" makes one feel any better in these situations. In the clip above, Rachel talks about the rumors that she distributes diet pills from Mexico to her clients so that they will look better in clothes.


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From a feminist perspective, the things that people say about Rachel Zoe disappoint me. Like any woman who is in the spotlight, be it through a reality show or through general celebrity, she gets a lot of flack for her appearance, her age, her weight, her clothes, and the like, just as Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, the Kardashian girls, Brooke Hogan, etc. The men do not get this sort of treatment. Hulk Hogan's son turned someone in to a human vegetable, yet he never gets treated with such vicious, unwarranted behavior the way girls like Rachel Zoe do.

Yes, Rachel Zoe and the Hilton's of the world purposely put themselves out there, and proceed to say and do stupid shit, but do they really deserve some of the hurtful shit that is spewed at them?