In Moscow, a working woman in her 30s will meet friends for drinks... at a club with male strippers. Did someone say cocktail? According to a report by Reuters, Moscow has over 40 advertised strip clubs, and a third offer male strippers. "The average western woman, if she were to go to a male striptease, would be considered somewhat of a pervert," says a 29 year-old American teacher while watching scantily-clad men dance. "Here women appreciate the male body. There's no concern about traditional values." Vladimir Gagarin, the manager of one club (the English name of which is "Little Red Riding Hood") says the appeal is social and not sexual. "Girls come here to speak to each other, the bouncers, the waiters and the dancers heart to heart. They have a shoulder to lean on." A 26-year-old woman who declined to give her name agrees: "Sometimes we ask the dancers out and take them to dinner and coffee, it's a nice way to make friends." Haha, what big eyes you have! [Reuters]


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