Rubio's Campaign Ad Inspires Patriotism With Opening Shot Of Canada

Remote-controlled duckling Marco Rubio has released a new campaign ad, “Morning Again in America” — a metaphorical promise of a fresh start after eight sullying years of Big Bad Obama. Of course opening scenes are often key for setting a tone, and this ad greets us with a yellow morning on the coast. The problem, however, is that the coast in question does not seem to be American, but Canadian.


This video, Buzzfeed notes is “a darker riff on the classic Ronald Reagan ad,” methodically employing similar images, but turning the optimism of the original on its head. However, the opening shot of the harbor is labelled on Shutterstock as “Vancouver” — though, as Buzzfeed points out, it is also rather confusingly identified as “San Francisco and New York.”

That said, identifying markers such as the Vancouver Harbour Centre Lookout Tower, Canada Place, and what seems to be a Canadian flag flying on one of the boats heavily imply that Rubio’s crew goofed. The idyllic tranquility captured is lovely indeed, but not, alas, born in the USA.


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AllieCat demands hats on cats-is probable weirdo

I don’t see any problem with this. Once we conquer Canada and make them our affable slaves such landscape will be an American territory. It represents progress, goals, an America double the size and GOING STRONG. God, freedom tastes sweet, doesn’t it? Like sweet, sweet maple syrup-all you can drink. We’re coming for you “friends”. We’re on our way. It’s the AMERICAN way.