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Royals, The Rich & Marc Jacobs: No Wonder Vogue's Numbers Are Down

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Back in July, it was reported that Vogue's ad pages were down. Yesterday, oh-so-reliable source Perez Hilton alleged that the magazine's new numbers are even worse, and the November issue is down 100 ad pages, which is quite a bit of lost revenue. Personally, as a person who has a love/hate relationship with fashion magazines, I have been feeling that Vogue has not been very fresh lately. And the November issue is no exception. Consider page 123:"It Girl" Coco Brandolini, daughter of Georgina and Guy Brandolini, granddaughter if Contessa Brandolini — sister of Gianni Agnelli, head of Fiat — and the late Count Brando Brandolini, is getting married. Do you care? The rich, international jetset and the royals have always been Vogue's bread and butter, but reading about how Coco met her fiance on a winter weekend in Saint Moritz and Oscar de la Renta is designing her gown reads like satire. It's smug and hauter-than-thou. On page 132, there's a snippet of text about "Fashion's Freshest Face," Arlenis Sosa. After months, nay years of not using any black models, Vogue profiled Arlenis in its July issue. Is she really still the "freshest?" Not fresh enough to get an editorial in this issue, that's for sure. She did appear in Italian Vogue, however. Page 142 features Nicole Kidman talking about her Baz Luhrman movie, Australia. Wasn't she just on the cover of the July issue talking about the exact same thing? Why, yes! Andre Leon Talley calls Marc Jacobs the "Man Of The Moment" on page 148. Shocking, right? You could write this stuff in your sleep. The "Chill Factor" photo shoot, which begins on page 260, features a model, on a neutral grayish-beige background, jumping in every shot. We saw a jumping model on a neutral background in the July issue and in September 2007. Plus, there was jumping in the April issue as well. In addition to the stale stories, there are the covers. Even though I'm aware that they are not the same kind of magazine — American Vogue is mainstream, where Paris Vogue is truly just for fashion die-hards — I can't help but compare covers and state how much more fun, more interesting, cooler and all-around better the French ones are. American Vogue:

Illustration for article titled Royals, The Rich  Marc Jacobs: No Wonder iVogue/is Numbers Are Down

French Vogue:

Illustration for article titled Royals, The Rich  Marc Jacobs: No Wonder iVogue/is Numbers Are Down

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hussein persepolis hussein

You're not kidding Dodai - I sometimes splurge on a copy of Italian or French Vogue and flip through it for hours. And I always save them. I do not even remember the last US version I was remotely interested in.