Roy Den Hollander is like a recurrent yeast infection — every time you think he's gone or he can't get worse, out he comes in some fetid, curdled mess that makes you want to glue your legs shut in horror. This time, he's gone and given an interview to IveGate blogger (and friend) Maureen O'Connor. Among his shudder-inducing remarks this time: his ex wife is a prostitute and a "ho"; he takes hip-hop dance classes at the Broadway Dance Center because his odds are better and because he gets erections from "watching those beads of sweat roll down those curves" in the (formerly) un-air-conditioned studio; he's a broke-ass motherfucker; and he would never fuck a feminist. Oh, and he's trying to head out to a club this weekend to get some pussy. Sadly, this asswipe and I share an alma mater. Howard Stern is less of a pig. [IvyGate]


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