Rosie Boycott was the editor of the UK edition of Esquire in the 90s, and in today's Daily Mail, she weighs in on the lad mag problem, namely, that not only do these magazines exploit women, but that women are all to pleased to offer themselves up for exploitation. "The influence of programs such as Sex And The City seem to have spread the idea that promiscuous sex is a cool and cultish goal for young women to pursue," she writes. She's especially concerned about "our increasing fixation on looks and our apparent belief that what we look like determines who we are." The trend of girls posting sexy or nude pictures on MySpace or anywhere else disturbs her, but Boycott notes that "no one - at the risk of looking old-fashioned and stuffy - is willing to stand up and question current behaviour." Boycott warns that this current generation of young women will never find satisfaction through trying to be a fantasy. "They want to be taken seriously, but, by behaving like this, no one can blame the young men who treat them like sex objects and little else." [Daily Mail]


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